Our Space meetings - 2014/15

Photo:The venue

The venue

Friends Meeting House

Friends Meeting House on Ship Street.

Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton

By John Walker

A space to learn something new. A space to share your passions, questions and hopes. It is a space for Deaf people to share and explore; it is 'Our Space.

'Hearing people have space everywhere: the pubs, stadium, concerts, the high street, cafes, the council, parliament, the high street .... and even next door. Deaf people constantly try to squeeze in and create a space of their own.

'Our Space' has two rules:

1. A space to learn something new.

2. A space for Deaf people to share their passions, questions and hopes.

It is open to everyone who is willing to watch and learn, and take part.

Every month, we will have a different presenter with a different subject that concern or affect Deaf people.

It is held on the last Tuesday of every month from 7pm to 9pm. Buffet available from 6.30pm. Voice-over into English is offered to people who do not know British Sign Language.

The meeting is held at Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton (see map). Free entry. The meeting will be held in the 'meeting room' (a larger room than last years).

Although this space has been free of charge for the last 5 years, we will need to charge this year. We are asking for a donation of £3 from each person (over the age of 18). The money will cover the cost of the room and small buffet, with tea and coffee.

If you are interested in offering a presentation - in whatever way - contact John Walker at j.d.walker@brighton.ac.uk. The past sessions can be found here.

30th September 2014, 7pm to 9pm

Becky Gayler, Clinical Informatics Project manager, Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group.

Records Sharing to Support High Quality Care

This presentation will look at what the CCG are currently doing with NHS records and what their plans are. Looking also at the types of record sharing, the need for consent, the choice of the individual and the security of information.

Damian Brewer, volunteer and ex-Trustee of the Fed, and Robin Pickett (minute taker)

Consultation on records sharing

Consultation with the Deaf community on questions the Fed are being asked of by the Clinical Commissioning Group. This discussion is facilitated by the Get Involved Group and will feed into the report we are putting together to submit to the CCG.

[Donations received: £77.50. The Fed covered the cost of interpreters: £200]

28th October 2014, 7pm to 9pm

Morag Rosie and Roba Drewry

Our Deaf Father's footballing days - how did he become a professional player?

Roba and Morag reminisce on how their father escaped lessons during his early school days to hone his talent as a footballer, and eventually caught the eye of the talent scouts to become the first deaf professional footballer in the mid 1920s. 

John presented on behalf of Bridie Williams and Jade Weighell, Theatre Royal Brighton

Latest developments at the Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal has launched a programme of subtitled and interpreted performances for the Spring season. 

[Donations received: £101.80. No interpreters]

25th November 2014, 7pm to 9pm

John Walker, DeafCOG and University of Brighton

Mapping Deaf Brighton

DeafCOG has received some funds from BHCC/Community Works to 'map the Deaf community in Brighton and Hove city'. John will share the plans and the benefits that will give the council information to directly improve local services.

Nadia Nadarajah, Deafinitely Theatre

A new vision for Definitely Theatre?

Nadia will be sharing Definitely Theatre's vision for 2023 and there will be an opportunity for the audience to give feedback and support the company's direction.

27th January 2015, 7pm to 9pm

All of us!

The Last Our Space meeting?

An opportunity to look back on the Our Space meetings and see what we have achieved. Is this the last Our Space meeting? Come and find out. What's next for the Deaf community?


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