Deaf Theatre Club

Photo:The new Deaf Theatre Club

The new Deaf Theatre Club

Photo:September in the Rain, 10th October 2013

September in the Rain, 10th October 2013

A club to enjoy theatre the deaf way

By John Walker

Finding an interpreted performance is now commonplace but deaf people rarely attend them. Even though the performance is translated into British Sign Language, the performance is about non-deaf lives. Watching a play is a skill: do I watch the interpreter or the actors on the stage? Which character is the interpreter translating? What is the point of the play? .... it is easy to get really lost!

The new Deaf Theatre Club has been created to make 'going to the theatre' a pleasurable and rewarding experience. The format we will follow is:

  1. A pre-show backstage tour and/or discussion. You can see how the play works and what the story is about (without giving away the surprises), the tour will be presented by a deaf person.
  1. An optional pre-show meal which is discounted with your ticket.
  1. An interpreted performance at discounted prices (because we will be booking as a group).
  1. And after-show drinks in the pub.

The upcoming performances will be noted here. If you would like to know more about upcoming performances or want to buy a ticket - just get in touch with John Walker at

The Deaf Theatre Club has been sponsored by Personal Choice Plus. A scheme to create more opportunities for people on personal budgets.

10th October 2013, 7.45pm, Theatre Royal, Brighton

"September in the Rain"

Jack and Liz have been married for 40 years. Every year they go on holiday to Blackpool. In Blackpool they eat ice-cream and fish n chips and paddle in the sea. The play is about their relationship and about growing old together. It is a play about love and memory. The two actors in the play are Claire Sweeney and John Thompson.

The play starts at 7.45pm and lasts for 1.5 hours.

The ticket price is £16. The ticket will give you discount for dinner at Pinocchio Restaurant.

Pre-show back stage tour and introduction to the play at 6pm with Nadia Nadarajah.

Interpreter is Sue MacLaine.

30th November 2013

"We are going on a Bear Hunt"

A children/family show in Brighton Dome Studio.

More information to follow

14th December 2013

"Sid Lester's Christmas Variety Show"

A variety show in Brighton Dome Theatre.

More information to follow

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