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A great way to reach out to Deaf people in Sussex.

By John Walker

A total of 10,000 individuals have viewed this website in the period of 3 years. It is a website that records the histories of the Deaf community in Sussex. The site holds is a place for information on activities related to events in Sussex. It has space for adverts that could be written into the website or linked to your own.

If you wish to advertise, please contact the website administrator at or

You can place an advert for the period of 1 calendar month at a cost of £50. You are able to keep your advert on the site for as many months as you like, as long as you keep paying the fee for each month while the advert is on the site.

Sussex Deaf History is run by volunteers and they offer their time and energy to this site with no return. But the site has its own costs, such as the website management at approximately £600 per year and the monthly events at £200 each time.

The Our Space project helped to develop this site and it was originally conceived by University of Sussex with Community Sites. Since then, the website has grown to over 100 pages of historical facts about the Deaf community, including an on line exhibition titled, "Deaf Education in the Seventies". We have managed to continue with support from the Brighton and Hove Deaf Equality and Access Forum.

Sister projects to this website include Deaf Diaspora, Deaf COG and Our Space meetings.

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